A word (or two) about your guide

A word (or two) about your guide.
I’ve found that most seniors end up walking a path in a more grayish area . . .

Having walked alongside hundreds (if not thousands) of seniors in my career, (as well as my parents, grandparents and in-laws), I’ve learned a bit about this crooked path in aging I’m calling, “the gray mile.” Having been a successful writer and author, I think I’m somewhat uniquely qualified to pass along a few of the lessons that I’ve learned.

The advertising industry would have you believe it’s a smooth easy walk that leads to a glorious golden sunset. For those who are well prepared (or can afford a guide), this can be the case. For those who may have faced challenges in getting to the trailhead before even attempting the journey, the path may not be nearly as smooth or sunny.

I’ve found that most seniors end up walking a path in a more grayish area—one that can be an unmarked switchback between beautiful, glorious days and those of rough, unforgiving terrain in which the pathway isn’t clear at all. In fact, it can be downright frightening.

I hope these pages will serve as a map, a guidebook as it were for your journey on the road ahead. Not as much for the sunny days (I think you can handle those), as for the more challenging ones. I’ve seen the pitfalls. I know the way stations. And I’ve met a few innkeepers in my travels.

Let’s begin this journey together. One day, when my time comes, I may ask you to take my hand and gently guide me.

Tom Text

P.S. Feel free to share or link to this content in any communication with your family, friends or anyone else who might have a need for the information provided herein. Under no circumstances, however,  is it to be copied or excerpted for commercial use without first contacting the author and ensuring proper attribution and compensation. All content on this blog ©2018, 2019.


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